Our Story

Digging into the roots of Bloom Flower Festival

Peter Warmerdam and his family immigrated from the Netherlands and settled in the Fraser Valley in 1950.

Peter proudly brought his Dutch heritage, horticultural knowledge and farming experience to the Bradner area – here he would grow a few acres of daffodil flowers.

In 1974, Peter purchased land in Abbotsford’s Sumas Prairie, where he began growing gladiolus. Not long after, the family farm expanded their crops to include outdoor tulips, daffodils, and peonies along with greenhouse tulips and daffodils.

Peter’s passion for all things flowers was one that the entire Warmerdam family shared.  So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Alexis, Peter’s granddaughter, came up with the idea for the Bloom Tulip Festival – so locals and tourists alike could stroll through our tulip fields and enjoy the breathtaking display of color, along with other eye-catching activities in the field.

Bloom With


As such, the most beautiful thing about the festival is our ability to give back. Whether that’d be the volunteer groups that graciously donate their time, the charities we’re involved with and boards and organizations we work with – we’re big believers in spreading the good, and making our community stronger.

We’ve proudly donated back to the community: $120,000
for the volunteer hours contributed during the season that made our festival possible. We’re forever grateful to be part of the Abbotsford beauty and vibe, and we will continue to support community members and businesses throughout the year.

For volunteer opportunities, email us at info@bloomflowerfestival.com



Alexis Warmerdam, BC Young Farmers, Chair

Canadian Young Farmers Forum, BC & AB Rep, Board Member

BCYF Past Chair & CYFF Past BC/AB Rep, Board Member


2017 UFV Young Distinguished Alumni Award

2016 Abbotsford Business Excellence Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

2017 Abbotsford Business Excellence Tourism Nominee

Media Kit & Inquiries

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For media requests and interview requests, please contact us at info@bloomflowerfestivals.com