Policies & Considerations

We’ll update according to BC’s protocols and procedures.

Bloom Farms COVID-19 Protocol

To comply with all government rules regarding COVID-19 restrictions, specifically social distancing, occupancy and sanitization protocol, Bloom Farms has implemented a number of precautions to keep both our guests and staff safe during this pandemic. Please see below for the policies and procedures we are implementing and our guidelines for ensuring a safe environment for all our guests. Please contact us at if you require any other information.

Ticket Sales & Time Slots

All ticket purchases must be done online. If you show up without a ticket, you will be asked to go on your phone and purchase tickets if they are not already sold out. This is to minimize contact between staff and guests. While we encourage you to present your ticket on a mobile device, you may print out your ticket ahead of time for scanning.

Entry to the fields will only be available through designated time slots selected during the online purchase of your ticket. Guests will not be permitted entry outside of their prearranged timeslot to ensure that we are compliant with health regulations. The recommended visit time is around 60 – 90 minutes. If you require any assistance or have additional questions with purchasing, transferring, or cancelling tickets, please contact 


Parking is free, please do not park on the road. Please remember to maintain social distancing and wear a mask as you line up to enter the festival.

On Site Payment

Debit and credit cards are the preferred methods of payment, however, cash will be accepted.


All staff must complete a questionnaire before each shift, ensuring they are free from COVID-19 symptoms and have not been in contact with someone who has the virus. Staff will wear masks, be required to wash their hands, for a minimum of 20 seconds, and to sanitize their areas frequently. Staff working at the tills and ticket booths will serve guests from behind a plexiglass shield and wear a shield, as needed, when social distancing can not be maintained.


Signs have been strategically placed throughout the farm encouraging all guests to maintain social distancing. Line-ups for entrance will encourage guests to maintain a distance of 2 meters.

The festival has been designed to accommodate a one-way walking path ending in our u-pick field, allowing guests to maintain social distance but also to enjoy the entire field. Lawn games have been removed to reduce high contact touch points. A limited number of benches will be designated and reserved for individuals with mobility concerns. Wide pathways through the fields are one-way. Directional arrows and signage are in place to guide you through a tour of the fields.


Food trucks will be on site to prepare handheld food items for your enjoyment. Food trucks are independently owned but required to have their own COVID-19 protocol to participate in the festival. We ask that once your food is ready, you do not congregate around food trucks, please enjoy your food while social distancing from others. Picnic tables have been removed to discourage gathering and reduce high contact touch points.


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Masks must be worn in the admissions area. Please bring your own mask.


Hand sanitizing stations will be available at the various locations, including at eash of the photo op stations.

Staff will be sanitizing high touch areas regularly.


Portable washroom facilities are available on site; these will be sanitized frequently at regular intervals throughout the day.

Health & Safety Regulations

Failure to comply with the below will result in your removal from the premises. Please note that you are visiting The Bloom Sunflower Festival at your own risk.

If you are currently, or have within the past 14 days, been sick or are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, please do not visit the fields. Unsure? Please check your symptoms on the BC Covid-19 Self-Check

If you have travelled outside Canada within the past 14 days, you are not permitted to enter.

If you have been in close contact with an individual with Covid-19 or been asked to self isolate by health authorities, you are not permitted
 to enter.

If you have been in close contact with an individual with Covid-19 or been asked to self isolate by health authorities, you are not permitted to enter.

All guests are required to maintain physical distancing, do not allow you or any members of your group, including pets, to get within 2m/6 ft of another individual/group.

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a guardian over 18 years.

Personal masks are welcomed to be worn while on the premises.

Additional resources may be found at